20 years with SUR MARINE

Since we built the first boat in 1999, every year was spent with a look at the future and the mind focused on a strong thought: to create reliable and compact boats equipped with maximum comfort and innovation. Today passion is remained the same and it’s shared by dozens of delaers and thousands of customers in the world.

We build boats exclusively in Italy with care and passion. Sur Marine tenders represent the most actual product because they have been conceived upon needs of captains of today and are designed to match perfectly with 4 strokes outboard motors now on the market. For these reasons they will surprise you with style and performances, comfort. Fast and amusing to be driven, but also enriched with details and several possibilities of customizations. 

The pneumatic part is made only with ORCA Hypalon Neoprene fabric.

Our history


From 1 idea to the start of production of sport boats

Thanks to the Idea of the founder Andrea Surace and a registered patent (prized by O.M.P.I. World Intellectual Property Organization) in 1999 was born the company “Andrea Surace Acqua Scooter”  which start to produce and sell the small marine scoooter “Goccia”. Quickly the range of boats is widen to 5 models.

2001 RADA



2004 BAHIA


The expansion and the world crisis

This period starts in a positive way with the launch of bigger models, but unluckily the global crisis beginning in 2008 will oblige the company to find out new strategies in the following 5 years.




2008 SHORE 540


2009 ST 290 SEMITUBE


From the birth of “supertenders” to the 3 families of products

Year 2010 marks a foundamental point in our history. We create our first Semirigid inflatable boat (RIB), the model ST 260 CLASSIC which inaugurate a period of success and strong growth thanks also to the new incoming models of “ST” family.

2010 ST 260 CLASSIC


2013 ST 410-380 CHALLENGER

2010 ST 270 RIDER


2014 ST 330-310 CLASSIC

2011 ST 300-320

2013 ST 290 CLASSIC

2014 ST 480 PRESTIGE


The European network of sale, the technological effort

Last five years saw us busy on many fields: the vertical expansion of sales and of distributors on one side, the aesthetical and technological improvement of our products on the other side, with the introduction of many new details, options and the restyling of all the range of boats. Everything is done to consolidate quality and trust of customer.

2010 ST 260 CLASSIC

2017 ST 330-310 RESTYLING

2010 ST 270 RIDER

2018 ST 280-260 RESTYLING

2011 ST 300-320

2019 ST 400 PRESTIGE