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Super tenders

semirigid with console

The family of Surmarine “Supertenders” represents the top of our production and is characterized by design, luxury finishes, comfort and unique performances.

Easy tenders

semirigid OPEN

The “Easy” range of our ribs is dedicated to persons looking for essential inflatable boat but with feeling for style and attention to the quality of navigation ensured by rigid hull.

Light tenders

foldable ultralight

Rolling Inflatables of “LT” family are with no doubt the lightest in the world, thanks to the innovative deck made of a semi rigid ultralight material discovered by Surmarine.

sizes cm
L max*L min*Larghezza
H mot*H consolleH prua
ST 470 Prestige482465217126135104
ST 400 Prestige43541319012011096
ST 370 Prestige4053801771209387
ST 350 Prestige4053801771209385
ST 330 Classic349334170938684
ST 310 Classic349334170938483
ST 290 Classic320306163917979
ST 280 Classic299285157917065
ST 260 Classic299285157917065
ST 325 Rider349334170937979
ST 270 Rider299285157917065
ST 250 Rider299285157856565
EASY 37040538017012085
EASY 3203493341689383
EASY 2902992851559365
EASY 2702992851509165
LT 3003193051559162
LT 2702932781509158
LT 2402632481509155
LT 2202512371409150
LT 1902232081309142

* L max / H mot quote con motore inclinato e piede a livello suolo/carena – L min quota con motore in verticale