ST 280/260 Classic

ST 280/260 Classic

the perfect size

ST 260 CLASSIC Tubes: off white / Seats: white & beige brut

These are the models that first made our brand well-known in the world. 

Thanks to an incredible lightness and extraordinary hulls equipped with integrated flaps, our customers know that they can do nautical ski with only 15 HP of power and run for dozen of miles in total safety, reassured by our double-shell technology (two fiberglass body joined and no other parts assembled) and Surmarine unmatched reliability. 

This family of tenders solves many of the problems of placing on yachts. Thanks to minimal weights and low profile of console, they can fit even the smaller garage. Moreover, model ST 260 can stay on platform without supports, laying on inner profile of integrated flaps.


ST 260 CLASSIC Tubes: white carbon / Seats: white & beige brut
ST 260 CLASSIC Tubes: antracite fabric impression / Seats: white & black / Stripes & handles: white

ST 260 Classic


265 x 157 cm

Ø 40 cm

62 Kg

10 (7,50 Kw)

S – short