ST 480/430 Prestige

ST480/430 Prestige

Total customization

The compact body without assembly, the incredibly soft and reactive hull, the sittings studied for 8 persons quickly convertible in wide sunbed, and the ergonomic console both for driving standing or seated, are unique features of this Sport Rib.

The deep V “hull” (52°) joined to an extremely variable deadrise angle, has reached a top rating during the test of prestigious magazine “NAUTICA”, both for performance than for the totally dry behaviour.

ST 430 PRESTIGE with Sunbed Tubes: military carbon / Seats: wine
ST 480 PRESTIGE - Tubes: off white / Seats: beige standard
ST 430 PRESTIGE - Tubes: antracite grey fabric impression / Seats: beige standard

ST 480 Prestige


475 x 214 cm

Ø 52 cm

325 kg

80 (59,00 Kw)

L – long


ST 430 Prestige


430 x 214 cm

Ø 52-45 cm

295 kg

60 (45,00 Kw)

L – long