Since 2015 we dedicated energy to clean energy

Thanks to the collaboration started in 2015 with our German importer Andy Lippert and his company “MYWAY MARINE”, in deep contact with company “Torqeedo” leader in manufacturing of electric outboards, we developed many packages of our Ribs with electric motors, with surprising results which demonstrate once more the excellence of our hulls. Beginning from our small LT models matching 1 kw of Torqeedo Travel (for a total weight of less of 30 kg! – surely the lightest motorized boat in the world-)  going to our ST 270 RIDER gliding at 12 knots with only 4 kw of Cruise 4.0. , and finishing with our ST 370 PRESTIGE reaching 20 knots with 10 kw of Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 and able to glide still with 3 person on board. There is still a lot to do, but we believe in the future and in cleaner world.